I’m a writer, a published author. I’m also the middle child of five. My early years on Staten Island were spent like a Catholic-educated feral cat. Out of the house after breakfast, home for dinner. No questions.

Regular smoker at eleven (quit at thirty-two). Drunk for the first time at thirteen. Actually liked school, especially high school, where my modern language was Russian. Eczema kept me out of Vietnam. I did inhale. 

Became a father at twenty, a grandfather at forty-seven. College took nine years at four schools (BS from Fairleigh Dickinson, 1973).

I’ve earned money cutting grass in a graveyard (genesis for prize winner The Sin in the Cemetery), washing dishes, sorting mail, collecting for a finance company, peddling encyclopedias (five days of humility boot camp), bookkeeping, supervising seventy typists and file clerks, and selling insurance – eventually owning the agency with my older brother.

After cashing out in 2004, I switched from part-time to full-time fiction writing. Workshops and critique groups slowly showed the way and the light. Still addicted to these forums today, I rework stories obsessively until they find a home.

Pieces have won (2007) and placed (2008) in the Florida First Coast Writers’ short fiction contests. Others have appeared in Write Corner, Stone’s Throw (twice), Deadpaper, Sunsets and Silencers, Writing Raw, Tawdry Bawdry, and This Great Story.

My first-and-only wife, Ann Marie, enriches my life in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, while the rest of our vast clan prefers to freeze half the year in the northeast. Go figure.


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