Using Kids As Spokespeople, And Other Abominations

Until last week I used Mozilla Firefox as my default browser. I considered dumping them recently when they forced out their CEO (pretty sure it was the CEO) for making a $1,000 contribution to a “defense of marriage” organization. Not Mozilla’s money, his own. Regardless of your leanings, think about that. He was fired for exercising free speech as a private citizen. His crime was differing with a loud, politically powerful foe, and his removal chilled me, in a “1984” sort of way. Like most people, my native laziness led me to do nothing more than tsk-tsk in sympathy for the poor guy, but then last week I opened a promotional video Mozilla sent to all their users. In it, kids no older than six or seven were spouting anti-commercialism slogans about what the web should be, and what it shouldn’t. Well, I draw the line at child abuse and immediately switched to Google Chrome, the commercial-est of my browser options.

I accept that Progressives hate anything that produces winners and losers, and that’s their right. What I can’t accept is the exploitation of children. Like the horrifying sight of kindergarteners singing Mao-like hymns to Obama, I watched Mozilla’s ventriloquists spill sociopolitical slogans from kids who probably haven’t mastered tying their shoes yet. While I believe governments make a hash of everything they touch, there oughta’ be a law!

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